I'll Have Another

It’s Derby day in the land and nothing says I’ll have another like the first Saturday in May. At last the darkness of the sporting winter has finally given way to the daylight of another glorious summer of sport. So yes I’ll have another, and another, and another at least until we get to the last out in October. Think of today not only as great day of racing, but as the beginning of the most magical stretch of the sport spectating season. So as the ponies leave the gate so begins day 1 in the advent calendar of the grandest time of the grandstanding cycle.  From the Sport of Kings in the month of May to the King of Sports in October and all the beauty in between, let the Great Hermes bless us with raucous joy and an auspicious season of athletic bacchanalia, senseless competitive debauchery, and tantric submission to competitors in corporate drag. Open the sport spectating gate and let my Grandstanders in!

Because Grandstand cares and because sport pairs better with a little lowered inhibition our house mixologist put together a list of ideal sport and spirit parings. These are mere suggestions and only one mixologist’s opinion.  


Remember to always exercise caution when drinking and spectating as the spectacle can become morbidly perverse while under the influence of fermented organics. Never drink and drive and keep your grandstanding clean.


Kentucky Derby, Preakness, Belmont Stakes: Blanton neat no matter your brand choice it has to be Bourbon or Rye

Canelo vs Khan or any boxing match thereof:  7 Leguas Reposado a sweet dose of blue agave for the sweetest of sciences

French Open: Moet et Chandon Dom Perignon as earthy and dry as the clay at Roland Garros

Champions League Final: Courvoisier (cognac) will only do for the most elegant of soccer finals

Tour of California: Sculpin IPA because nothing says California like an IPA

Indy 500: Budweiser tried and true elixir for the racing masses  

Liga MX Final: Tecate tried and true elixir for the Mexican futbol masses

NBA Finals: Kettle One Moscow Mule the sweet choice of the NBA’s millennial demographic

Copa America: Fernet and Soda chased by a Quilmes (beer) because Argentina always seems to win it or at least make it to the final, its only appropriate

UEFA Euro Cup: Estrella Damm (beer) from one the most culturally rich of European cities (Barcelona) for the most European of cultural events  

MLB All Star Game:Old Overholt Old Pal for the Good Old Boy Midsummer Classic

Wimbledon: Pimms Tea a refreshing summer drink that pairs well with an all-white get up

Tour de France: 2012 Chateau Latour Vintage as French and rugged as the tour itself 

Democratic Convention: Absolute Vodka Redbull in a blue glass

Republican Convention: Absolute Vodka Redbull in a red glass

Summer Olympics: Water some athletes in the Olympics are still kids respect the children

Olympic Soccer Final: Puerco Salvaje Porter (Mexicali Brew) because if Mexico wins the gold medal again only it’s finest beer would pair best with a repeat

NFL Season Opener: Budlight and a shot of Fireball the combination of choice for the gridiron masses

US Open: Uvaggio 2014 Rose Lodi, California a perfect cool down for the muggy dog days of summer

World Cup Qualifiers: Mezcal 400 conejos only for real aspirants

World Series: Bootleg Bacanora from the great state of Sonora, the world’s purest spirit for the purest and final spectacle of the season