The Spectating Spectrum: Part 2 - "The Atheist"

The Spectating Spectrum is a 3 part series in which we profile 3 different shades of spectating from the grandstand: the Believer, the Atheist and the Agnostic.  

Part 2 - Dr. Eisenberg: How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Thinking I Was a Fascist Ultra and Learned to Love My Fandom

Grandstanding requires constant reflection and attentiveness to the absurd. Every once in a while the skeptical cognoscente in the grandstand force us to examine the bad faith of our spectating. In part 2 of this series we talk to Nathan Eisenberg about his illuminating essay about European Soccer Ultras: “Ultra Violence” The New Inquiry June 2015. Is Mario and Manny’s nationalistic fandom priming them for Fascism? What is Fascism?