Bonus Episode: 3 Bad Hombres

The quotidienne is political only when it affects our individual sovereignty the rest of the time the political comes and goes and most us pay no matter. For this post-apocalyptic episode of Grandstand Podcast Washington D.C. correspondent One-Time Tex joins us for thought provoking conversation about the connections between the Trump upset, Mexico vs USA rivalry, the banality of statistical obsession and of course, millennials! Grandstand confronts the elephant in the room that the blinded and tired punditry of the squawk box can never seem to admit is there. What were once winks and nods is now an open love fest, the reciprocal flirtation between politics and sport is no longer a just an affair.  

Music from this episode:
Cake - Nugget (Edit) 
Beck - Que' Onda Guero 
Joan Baez - De Colores