Episode 26: On Vendors - Not Your Average Carnies

Can you run up and down flights of stairs while balancing 20 fountain drinks on a standard issue crate with a nonadjustable strap, chuck ice cream bars with precision to the four corners of the grandstand, belt out “peanuts and crackerjacks” for nine innings in a Pavarottiesque tenor, do fifth grade math on the fly with the mental dexterity of a bookie and remember who owes you money? If so go to your local stadium’s boiler room next Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. for the opportunity of a lifetime, the best sales job you never heard of. The story of a stadium vendor on this, a fine edition of Grandstand Podcast.   

Music from this episode:

Gene Pitney - Peanuts Popcorn and Crackerjacks

Elvis Presley - Carny Town

Raphael - Canción del Trabajo

Bebe Fafa y Piqui ft Rick Ross - Vendor Hustlin’