Episode 9: Is it a Sport?

Greetings Grandstanders we’re back and ready to embark on a new season of grandstanding. Season 2 will be all about non-mainstream sports and about unlocking the doors of sport spectating splendor. Every sport no matter the prop used, ball, broom, paddle, saddle, or bow has a highly intricate story to tell, a nuanced and involved narrative starring competition as the main character.  This season will be about exploring the universal and reoccurring motifs of the games we watch and why unlocking the story of every sport can induce a state of intoxicated grandstanding, even while watching figure skating.

During this episode, the professor and I talk about what makes a game a sport. Is there really a difference? Does it matter? Grandstand thinks that almost everything worth spectating is a sport, even diplomacy. Did your pastime make the cut? Tune in and find out what was America’s first national spectator sport, something almost all of us do daily. Join us, your Grandstand is waiting.