SPECIAL EPISODE: El Tri: Denial, Preservation and Dreaming

As Argentina and Chile are set to face off for the Copa America championship, grandstanders of 14 other countries have had to confront the reality of defeat. No defeat more shocking and brutal than that of the tournament’s true home team - The Mexican National Team. The Pontificator and Professor take us on an exploration of coping mechanisms to try to make sense of why the boys in green uncharacteristically decided to lay down and take a historic beating at the feet of the Chileans. Lack of talent? Tactic? Leadership? Too much pop culture stardom? One can even deny the game really took place. Or, perhaps, the explanation lies in the Mestizo roots of a people who rationalize loss for the sake of self preservation. What is winning and who really are the true winners in all of this? In the end, maybe all we can do is dream.