Episode 34: Booze, Boxing and Broncos

Similar to Thanksgiving day in America, the First Saturday of May is a holiday that can be seen as a tale of two sporting cultures: in their genteel slacks, hats and dresses, the Anglos like to gather early in the day to sip on bourbon and bet on the broncos. Elsewhere, the Spanish don't come together until nightfall when they indulge on beer and bet on the boxers. But at Grandstand we’ve learned that we are what the professional booze marketers describe as “Born Bold”. We are both Aqui y Alla, and as dual spectators we run the entire track and 12 rounds of this holiday. Taking part in both festivities, in this episode of Grandstand we recap the Kentucky Derby and Canelo v Chavez Jr events. The First Saturday of May has come and the real sports season has commenced.