Bonus Episode - "Cosas Chingonas": The Post Mortem

On this episode of Grandstand the Pontificator and Professor are re-joined by the ushers to have a war of perspectives and philosophize over "what is?" and "why?". Calling in from Geneva, Switzerland, Dan-1x-Tex relentlessly bombards the conversation from a place of tribally detached objective reason, while Rafaga De Palmer comes in barefoot, pantless and angry from a WiFi accessible mountain in Big Sur, CA to defend the validity of emotion within the sporting discourse. For almost two hours the gang kicks around opinions regarding the end of this year's World Cup - does the WC even matter after Mexico is no longer in it? Is it just plain foolish to imagine the idea of the Green Team ever winning a WC in our lifetime? Why have we still not seen them play that ever elusive 5th game? The boys are back in town to theorize, ramble, argue and predict as we try to cope and make sense of why our beloved team on the field can't perform as well as their wishful fans in the stands. 

Episode Note: This was recorded before the semi finals of the tournament. 

mexico fans crying.jpeg